Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is a collage of certain photos which I find metaphorical by the use of perseverance. The black and white metaphoto of my great-great grandfather, George Stephens, and his wife, who at the time had been married for a lovingly 75 years. They are a symbol of a past yet a reminder of the future, that is, their future together and the creation of their future family, including me. The above photo, a close up metaphoto of the photo in the trophy cabinet and of the trophy cabinet, with a definite reflective look, is meant to make you "reflect" on friendship, as in, who you're real friends are and what kind of friend you want to be. It also showcases the sort of passion is housed at our school. The photo to the left, of the ads for universities, is an example of juxtaposition, the blunt comparison between being in a crowded place, surrounded by people, yet also feeling completely alone in your journey through and trying to find the first few pages of the story that you're writing. I must confess that I absolutely hate the idea of being overwhelmed with the great multitude of options and not knowing where I'm going to end up in the end. The photo to the left of that photo, is a metaphoto of a poster. The reason I took this photo is because, to me, the words appear impactful and indent themselves in my mind. Below that, a silhouette of a piano in the band hall. It showcases the sort of talent we have in our band program at school. It's also meaningful to me because when I was little, I wanted to play an instrument and didn't think I was good at guitar so I started playing the Piano.

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