Thursday, 20 March 2014

Blog Comments - Class Assignment

That's a really interesting way to tell that story. I really like the evident contrast between maximalism and minimalism. I think you could write more stories like this and get really good at it!

Wow, that's so detailed and such a nice brain! This must've taken some thinking to do. You should do a coloured erosion of this.

If only they actually did look this this, then true beauty.

Quick write - Teenager's Brain

Monday, 17 March 2014

Skype Reflection

1. My group was tasked with writing a six word memoir that was both captivating to a child in the third grade and had punctuation, in the form of an exclamation point. We had hoped that the humour including in our memoir was interesting enough for the children to like.We jept the memoir light and humourous in hopes that it would stick with the audience.

2. I feel that our mini lesson was adequate enough for what it needed to be. It kept the children captivated, it was accompanied by a humourous photo and it was very light as well as possibly being relatable. A weakness however, of the memoir, would likely be the fact that the explanation also accompied with the photo and memoir, was confusing and over descriptive in certain ways. I believe it confused the children somewhat.

3. I learned that you have to be careful when working with small children not to belittle them or to intimidate them, but to find the right balance that is in between the two.

4. I think we should write stories (This is Creative Writing afterall), either just for our class or to somehow include the children with. I think it would be a great, fun and interesting learning experience.

Work Ketchup

Work Ketchup:
Honestly, I didn't really connect as much with the third x-men as I did with the other, previous x-men. It felt like it was really lacking something or just outright didn't make sense to me. I didn't like some of the random mutants in the movie like Porcupine (or whatever his name is in the movie) and I thought that the sub plot love story between Kitty Pride and Iceman was just a really annoying distraction. Overall the movie didn't have very good continuity and wasn't all too interesting, but I've heard otherwise. I haven't read any x-men comics but I have a feeling most of the comic book fans aren't fans of the movie as well. I'm hoping Days of Future Past is just as good as First Class.
I completely agree with everything you're saying here. Puppy mills really should be stopped as soon as possible. Maybe if I could really make a difference, I would do something to change this. I just have to think of myself in a less fortunate situation and think, what would I do?
I didn't think the picture was relatable but instead I thought that it was inspiring and thus inspired you to write about what you strive for. Maybe change isn't the word you could use for your team, maybe it's progression. Maybe it's not necessary to change but to instead find the right progression and enlighten everyone unto understanding the true meaning of success. Good luck!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Six Word Memoir (#3)

Author's note:
I chose this picture because I felt that it represented untimely surprises whether they be good or bad. Mostly however, it symbolizes the lifeline that we all have. However the six word saying itself "surprises could come in any colour" represent more so the large, red firetruck in the picture. However it could represent colourful birthday balloons at a surprise, which would also be a very colourful surprise. Even a gift could come in a colourful package like yellow or blue flowers or a green box. It's represents the happiness that life can bring .
Photo Taken by Ben Stevens

Six Word Memoir (#2)

Author's note:
I chose this picture because I thought it was the best possible picture to represent friendship. It represents both the relationship between the U.S. and Canada and on a personal level, it represents the new friends that I made on my trip to Washington D.C.. The words I chose also represent friendships at every possible level and it describes how a friendship, with all it's difficulty and ease, can be the strongest thing in the world and will help the progression into future times. The image in it's entirety represents to me my friends, my new friends, my old friends and the varying relationships that I have with all of my friends.
Photo Taken by Ben Stevens