Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick write - Infinite Loop

Somehow, this photo inspired me to write this story. 

Nelson Horner closed the door behind himself. There was a slight creak of the hinges and an unintentionally loud slam as the door shut. He sad down in the mayor's office, in the only chair which was facing the mayor's imposing desk. The mayor felt it made him stronger to have larger things than the rest of the people in the town but the people who knew him best figured that the desk was just compensation for the mayor's small stature. A Newton's Cradle sits on the corner, in motion before Nelson's arrival. 

"Hello Mr. Mayor." Said Nelson. 

"Hello fellow. What is it that you come to me here for?"  

"I come to propose a new law." 

"What's that?"

"I'd like to propose a new law. I've constructed a petition and have gotten an ample amount of signatures and have four other people sitting on the front steps of your office that would be willing to vouch for me if you have your doubts."

"Get to the point. What's this new law you wish to propose." Said Mayor Kelly, twiddling his fingers and the lifting his feet up onto the desk, vibrating the table and stopping the Cradle. 

"I'd like to impose a life tax. When you're born you'll be feed 155$. 50$ for the effort of your parents, 25$ for the birth and80$ for the coming life. We'd also like to impose a death tax. When you die you'll be feed 1,500$. 1,000$ for the grief brought to your family and friends and 500$ for the cost of your life. We wish for it to be named the Omega Tax."

"And why's that?" 

"The beginning and and end of the Omega represent life and death. The beginning and end. The arch in the centre represents life." 

"Very good mister." Said the Mayor. "Now as you understand a town is an enterprise; a business, where we are. I appreciate your efforts. Together we shall submit this plan to the Head of Law. It's a good way to earn us some money and boy are we always in need of that." 

The Mayor got up from his seat and walked towards Nelson, as well as restarting the Cradle. 

"As I understand you're name is Nelson. Thank you for helping the institution. We will meet again very soon."

Nelson stood up and shook Mayor Kelly's hand. 

"Thank you for your consideration and time. Goodbye."

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  1. Wow! That one picture inspired you to write that story! That's talent! It was so descriptive too, it's great! Do you write a lot of stories like that?