Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I Love to Read Month

I have very fond memories of reading or getting read to when I was a little younger. I can remember my dad reading Tolkien's The Hobbit to me every night before I went to bed until we finished the book, however the books I remember even more from when I was younger were the stories told by Robert Munsch. I remember my teachers reading to me 'No Clean Clothes', 'Paper Bag Princess', 'Thomas' Snowsuit', 'Mmm, Cookies', 'Smelly Socks', 'We share everything', 'Love you Forever', 'Something Good', 'Munsch More' and 'Look at me!' When I was younger. We used to take class time in the library to hear a story told by our librarian. Today in my Creative Writing class we skyped a class of grade threers from Thompson for I live to read month. We read the book 'Mortimer' by Robert Munsch to them and it's one if those experiences where you realize that everything has changed. I'm on the other side of the chasm now. I read to those children and they will likely remember that one time that that group of old kids read a book to their class, the same way I remember books being read to my class. It's a great experience and I could almost wish it would happen more often. 

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  1. Hi,

    This is Ms. Bettess, the teacher of the class you read to. My students loved hearing Mortimer. They will definitely remember it for a long time.We'd love for you to read to us again. Thank you!

    Ms. Bettess